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Organizations associates of urbanNext include companies, institutions and media connected to the construction industry (either offering services or supplying material and equipment to professionals). Companies working with information technologies, offering tools and digital devices to their customers can also become associates in the organizations category. Other eligible members include universities and research centers that participate, directly or indirectly, in the definition, improvement and intervention in the urbanized environment.


Basic benefits for organizations profiles

All members are entitled to the following basic benefits:

– A personal page on the urbanNext website in the associates section. The page can host a description of the organization’s activities, its logo and its main products or services.

– Publication of products/services/sample projects/research/patents/trails linked to texts providing detailed descriptions.

– Access to the content published on the website for up to 10 employees during the subscription period.

– Association and publication of the brand in the advertising and promotional material for the events organized by urbanNext during the subscription period.

– The chance to participate in private working groups and subcommittees of experts in charge of debating and proposing solutions for the future challenges facing cities.

– Tickets, with discounts and advantages, for the events organized by urbanNext during the subscription period: think tanks, conferences, lecture series, exhibitions, and the launch of documentaries and publications.

– Discount on printed and digital publications.


Organizations rate card

Basic benefits: Free trial period until the 31st of March 2017.

More information: visit advertise.