AMATA: Atmospheric CO2 Capture Project


New technology allows for the use of wooden structures in taller buildings

The Project for the construction of a wooden high rise is an initiative by AMATA and is signed by Triptyque: Atmospheric CO2 capture project.

Frequently called the capital of steel and concrete, the city of São Paulo is soon to become home to a building totally made of Brazilian wood, 100% certified both inof its origin and trajectory. The initiative originated with AMATA, a Brazilian forest management company. The project is signed by the Triptyque Architecture company and is to be built on a lot measuring 1,025 m² in the Vila Madalena neighborhood. The total floor area will be 4,700 m². Based on a mixed-use concept and 13 stories high, the project allows for many different uses, including coworking, coliving and a restaurant. The building will house both common and private spaces, interacting with the city, where one can live in tune with a new environmental consciousness.

“Wood frame buildings are an efficient solution and may serve as a boost toward a change in the environmental consciousness of our societies because, as we replace non-renewable resources with natural raw materials, we also help create a cleaner chain of production and we add value to certified forests. This can reduce the pressure for deforestation,” says Dario Guarita Neto, cofounder and CEO at AMATA.

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