Airbnb through the Years | Kor Dwars­huis | ka-au

All visualisations are courtesy of | Kor Dwarshuis.

Every dot is the first time an appartment is rented out, with the name of the owner. | Amsterdam – Airbnb through the Years from urbanNext on Vimeo.

The data behind the Inside Airbnb site is sourced from publicly available information from the Airbnb site. The data has been analyzed, cleansed and aggregated where appropriate to faciliate public discussion.

By analyzing publicly available information about a city’s Airbnb’s listings, Inside Airbnb provides filters and key metrics so you can see how Airbnb is being used to compete with the residential housing market. Inside Airbnb | Barcelona – Airbnb through the Years from urbanNext on Vimeo. | Berlin – Airbnb through the Years from urbanNext on Vimeo.

Take a proper look at Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona at

All data can be purchased in Inside Airbnb.
Inside Airbnb is an independent, non-commercial set of tools and data that allows you to explore how Airbnb is really being used in cities around the world.
The Inside Airbnb project was brought to you by Murray Cox. Murray Cox, an independent digital storyteller, community activist and technologist, conceived the project, compiled and analyzed the data and built the site. John Morris, designer and graphic artist, designed and directed the user experience.