6 m3

6 m3 by Fernando Schapochnik

The balance between public space, infrastructure and domesticity is often subordinated to second-order structures, usually unnoticed, with their own imprecise dynamics. The appearance of a skip container in the street is an uncomfortable and equally charming event. An object of indefinite duration and unknown future, a tenant sometimes despised, though unavoidable.

A skip is a space for discarding what happens on the other side of the construction fence. It is raw and pure, it crystallizes wills and excuses itself from order, while it stores the remains of large and small constructions, recycling and demolitions. It can be many things at once: a witness to the everyday life of a group of bricklayers, a deposit for pruned branches, a collection of bags of uncertain content, a receptacle for earth and sand that defies scale, a container for rubble, an inventory of everything that helps to build but also disappears, of everything that cements architecture from absence, from what constitutes but does not conform.

Moreover, in the urban vertigo, the skip represents an opportunity to get rid of what we don’t know where to let go. The yearning for model domesticity has its dark side in the skip, the extension for obsolescence. Each interior offers a small obscene universe of waste, a collection of vestiges and individualities, of orphaned pieces, of constructive and public idiosyncrasies.

6m3 is a series of eight photographs that portray the morphological frankness of the skip container and investigate the singular universes that are constituted inside it throughout different neighborhoods in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

This series of photographs was produced for the exhibition Diseño en acción [Design in Action] curated by Martín Huberman and shown at Fundación PROA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) from March 16 to June 9, 2019.

Digital colour photography
Series of 8 photographs, 104 x 80 cm.
Assistant: Juan Bernardo Ramírez.

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