We are collaborating with ELISAVA in exploring “Citizen experience design.”

Field has partnered up with the ELISAVA Private Foundation University to explore the notion of the “Citizen Experience Design” through the guidance of thesis projects. 

The ‘Smart Cities, Transforming society’ project is based on identifying the challenges currently cities and consequently its citizens and solve them in an innovative and efficient manner. For that, you need to look at these challenges from a different point of view helping us with design methodologies user-centric that allow us to understand the real concerns of the city and its citizens. Designers and engineers have an important role here to offer solutions to these new challenges.

How can we reduce light pollution in cities? How can we make services more efficient emergency? How can we avoid congestion of cars at rush hour? How can we make the most efficient garbage collection?

New technologies will be key to carry out this project. They are increasingly present in our daily life and have become an essential tool of empowerment and development.