Metropolis Barcelona Exhibition

Historically, cities have been places of creativity, progress and civilization, places that at the same time facilitate the social interaction necessary for innovation. Today, the digitalization of the environment is transforming the way people interact, manage, move and live int he city. Each digital point provides data enabling us not only to visualize dynamics that had hitherto remained invisible, but also to create systems that act and respond in real time, while improving the use and quality of the urban environment. 


Metropolis Barcelona is an exhibition at the Barcelona Center of Design dedicated to exploring the past, present and future of the urban metropolis of this city. As part of it, we were commissioned to portray in a small room how new digital technologies are going to have an impact on our daily lives as well as on the dynamics a
nd systems of the city. We thought of the space as a landscape of our streets – starting inside the home to then proceed onto the streets.


We featured projects from MIT Senseable City Lab, MIT Changing Places Group, IaaC, FabLab Barcelona, Superpedestrian, NestLabs, Urbiòtica, and GE amongst others.