Taizhou Jiangbei Park: Riverside Greenbelt


Architects: Turenscape
Location: Taizhou, China
Area: 22 ha
Year: 2012

In this project, the edge of the Yongning River is turned into a riverside greenbelt with water purification capacity. With the purification efforts, the river becomes green a lung. The water quality and the riverside habitats are restored while providing an area for leisure and fitness for the residents of the surrounding area.

Additionally, the design strives to incorporate criteria of wetland conservation, water purification, and a low-carbon energy model to generate a modern, urban-themed riverside ecological leisure park. The main structure of the landscape design incorporates the three zones: a public access platform, a river purification zone, and a wetland conservation zone.

This site is located on the Yongning River north of Huangyan District in the city of Taizhou.

The park is a green belt intended to perform riverside flood control functions. The total length is about 4 km , with a total surface area of ​​approximately 21.8 hectares. The narrowest section is 44 m, and the widest section covers 87 m.

Access Platform

Municipal roads along the south side of the site connect with a series of stepped platforms to resolve the internal site elevation. There is a bus stop, parking for cars, bike rental facilities, and parking spaces for non-motorized vehicles.

River Purification Zone

The river purification zone, located in the middle of the site, includes a large windmill. The purified water is used for irrigation within the park.

Wetland Conservation Zone

The conservation zone is intended to meet the 20-year return period flood control requirements and to provide a proper habitat for river-dwelling creatures, while offering visitors a quiet view of the riverside recreation space.