Towards a Suprarural Architecture

Ciro Najle | Lluís Ortega

Suprarural: Atlas of Rural Protocols of the American Midwest and the Argentine Pampas, presents an alternative approach to existing models of relationship between the urban and the natural based on palliative, decorative, or hygienist ethics.

Suprarural claims a new domain for the practice of architecture. By turning the discipline’s dysfunctions vis-à-vis the urban and its systematic oversights regarding the countryside into a new set of opportunities, Suprarural issues an urgent call for a theory that can overcome both and extend the spectrum of capabilities of architecture by engulfing the ordering systems of the territory. The project is carried out through a program of investigation that takes the know-how embedded in the rural—its organizational protocols, its synchronicity with the natural, and its often disregarded technification—as the raw material for a new form of architectural expertise.

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Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires, School of Architecture and Urban Studies
Professor: Ciro Najle
Assistant: Anna Font
Students: Paula Maidana, Andrew Pringle, Juan Cruz Río, Martina Rossi, Guillermo Aporszegi, Julia D’Alotto, Santiago Mussi, Josefina Nano, Andrew Pringle, Fernanda Raimondi, Tomás Rowinski, Rosario Vaquer Melo, and Máximo Sánchez Granel
Courses dictated in 2012-2013

University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Architecture
Professor: Lluís Ortega
Students: Paola Gómez-Piñeiro, Kim Hibben, Taylor Holloway, Travis Kalina, Jason Mould, John Sohn, Sam Tanis, and Tao Tao
Courses dictated in 2012-2013.