Salzereda Avenue: City's Relationship with the River

Salzereda Avenue: City's Relationship with the River

Posted on September 2, 2022 by xavigonzalez

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The redevelopment of Salzereda Avenue aims to improve the town’s physical and visual relationship with the river. With improved accessibility and the removal of the previous development’s architectural barriers, the new esplanade opens up towards the Besòs River and turns a road infrastructure into a metropolitan civic corridor on the river. The city’s strategy for more sustainable mobility is simultaneously enhanced.


Different tree and shrub species are combined to enhance biodiversity and ecological connectivity, and urban planting enhancement techniques are incorporated. The planted areas become drainage and infiltration points to avoid saturating the sewage system.

The existing trees such as the large false peppers and poplars have been preserved, and together with the river, they are natural heritage items that recognise and enhance the sense of belonging.