Reconfiguring Suburbia

Alan M. Berger

Extract from Future of Suburbia, Alan M. Berger and Matthew Spremulli in conversation with Roi Salgueiro on homonymous exhibition.

The first theme is”Autonomy”, which is basically the future of autonomous technology having to do with smart cities and mobility, and how it will impact suburban inhabitation.

The second theme, “Heterogeneity”, has to do somewhat with ecology but also with the social dimension: who is going to live in these places, what kind of social classes, with the idea that suburbia is not as homogenous as people think it is. This is an important element, especially when population growth makes cities less affordable. The third theme has to do with “Experimentation”, with the fact that a thinner regulatory framework propels much more experimentation: new kinds of technologies and uses. The fourth, which is probably closest to my interests, deals with “Productivity”, or the idea that suburban fabric can be optimized for energy production, water issues, water storage, food production and carbon sequestering for the benefit of the city itself.