Rebel Engineering with a Cause

Evangelos Kotsioris

Published in "Interdisciplinary Design: New Lessons from Architecture and Engineering", 2012

Innovations in material technology can open up many possibilities, although what has been proven over time is that large-scale application will probably be one step behind.

The ultra-high-efficiency materials we know, or new materials we expect to create, will still have to be composed or assembled in a way that creates synergies, drives performance, and facilitates large-scale implementation. We will have to continue in that direction before the new tools of each era are not merely mastered; where a “new sobriety” can be achieved and efforts are shifted from the surface to its actual depth. Instead of being a “rebel without a cause”, an innovative attitude of experimentation with a serious purpose is needed, where a balance between energy spent and actual outcome is attempted. Where intelligent design engineering will work to reduce the maintenance of this increased complexity and seek the “elegance of smartness.” Where multiple layers and surfaces actually collapse in one, one day.

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