PIC Housing Building in Badalona

Enric Rojo Arquitectura

Architects: Enrich Rojo Arquitectura
Location: Badalona, Spain
Area: 305.00 m2
Year: 2021
Photography: Del Rio Bani

Located in the old town of Badalona, surrounded by single-family row houses, the building blends in with its surroundings by taking up the randomness and particularity of individual houses, and moving away from the more repetitive and monotonous appearance of a housing blocs.

The building aims to look like “just another house on the street”. The material quality of the façade resembles that of the adjacent houses, while incorporating the idea of a plinth, with a rougher texture and finish, that anchors the building while breaking up the flat plane of the façade.

The bioclimatic strategy of the project consists in guaranteeing natural lighting and cross ventilation for all the apartments through the creation of an interior courtyard. Indoor living space – square footage – has been given up in exchange for an outdoor space for each unit. In addition, intermediate spaces are incorporated to offer added thermal insulation between interior and exterior.