Otis Commemorates 110 Years in Brazil

Country’s 1st Otis elevator still in operation, started legacy of innovation

São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil, Oct. 05 2016 — Otis is celebrating 110 years in Brazil, marking the company’s legacy of technological innovation and a place in the lives of millions of people who every day travel through the country’s major office buildings and high-rise residences. Otis, which operates in Brazil as Elevatores Otis, is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

Otis’ history started more than 160 years ago in 1852, when Elisha Graves Otis, born in 1811 in Vermont (USA), invented a creative solution to make elevators safe – and suitable for people to ride. Otis invented a mechanism that kept the elevator cab in place should the cable break: the elevator safety brake. With this major step, elevators helped make taller buildings possible, and transformed the world’s urban landscape.

In Brazil, the story goes back to 1906, when the first Otis elevator in the country was sold to the Laranjeiras Palace, currently the residence of the Governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The palace’s elevator is still in operation today and maintains its original aesthetic features.

“We are very honored to be able to celebrate 110 years working in Brazil, offering world-class products and services to our clients,” said Julio Bellinassi, managing director, Otis South America.

Currently, the modern and environmentally sustainable factory located in São Bernardo do Campo, in São Paulo state, covers more than 20,000 square meters and produces state-of-the-art elevator systems serving the Brazilian market and all of South and Central America. Its employees manufacture the Otis Gen2® elevator with ReGen™ drives. As Otis’ flagship elevator, the Gen2 elevator redefined the elevator industry with breakthrough technology that replaced conventional ropes with flat belts, leading to a more comfortable ride, greater reliability, more efficient operation and increased energy efficiency compared to conventional roped elevators.

Otis has 31 branches across all of Brazil and close to 2,000 employees — a team that is constantly developing advanced and sustainable technologies to meet and surpass customers’ needs.

“We celebrate 110 years with a notable presence in Brazil’s major tourist sites, such as the Christ the Redeemer statue (Rio de Janeiro), the Lacerda Elevator (Bahia), the Maracanã Stadium (Rio de Janeiro), as well as many residential and commercial high rises, shopping centers, museums, airports, hospitals and universities spread across all of Brazil,” Bellinassi said. “With that legacy, we are committed to continue to offer the best services and solutions to our clients for the next 110 years.”


Elisha Graves Otis: inventor of the safety elevator


Elevator at the Laranjeiras Palace, Rio de Janeiro: 110 years in Brazil