Mundo-a: A Building Conceived as a Bridge


There are a lot of restrictive conditions on the site. There are metro emergency exits and the Eco-huis in the back has to be accessible to emergency fire services and deliveries at all times. For this reason, the new office building was conceived as a bridge spanning the entire site.

This creates a six-meter-high free space functioning as an indoor square leading to the Eco-huis, the Eco-café and the new Mundo-a office building. The arch span is supported by three slated wooden truss beams, supported by concrete partition walls.

Along the bays of the truss beams, light walls can be freely placed on the office floors. On the two middle floors there will be ample space for meeting points for all the users of the complex. The façades are finished off with green colored ceramic tiles and a passive wooden framework with triple glazing.

The Mundo-a office building adheres to all the recent notions regarding ecological and ethical sustainability, so preference is given to the use of materials that are labelled as such.