ENI Milan Milan – Italy

Located in San Donato Milan, the design for the LEED Platinum global headquarters of ENI was a collaboration between UNStudio (building design) and !melk (landscape architecture).

The landscape forms a dialogue with the history and future of San Donato, as well as with the architectural framework and remaining structures from Enrico Mattei’s original ENI community. A network of open spaces provides outdoor amenities for users, but will also serve the surrounding neighborhood in terms of program and identity. The landscaped areas of ENI Milan feature native and adapted (regional) botanic species, provide for a site-wide ecology, and connect with the neighborhood greenspace.

The landscape design can be subdivided into two categories consisting of the outer and the inner landscape. The outer landscape forms a soft natural setting for the building and consists of 5 unique “foregrounds” radially distributed around it. While the 5 zones are conceived differently from one another in form and function, they are also interconnected and similar with consistency in color, material use, and vegetation.

The inner landscape of the project is formed by inner gardens accessible to the public. The design of the first three Atrium-gardens is inspired by the aquatic regions of the world (Pacific/Atlantic, Polar, and Equatorial). Each of these interior gardens has a level of informative/educational content embedded into the design and with one main element — water. The two gardens that are open to the sky represent the local and national operations of ENI. The smallest of the two, which is located in the middle of the visitor’s center, is colorfully animated with elements that represent the agricultural fields of the region. The second is a larger, moss and fern garden that will provide a beautiful, picturesque amenity for those who work in the building as well as their many visitors.