Echo Bay New Rochelle, NY

The new Echo Bay neighborhood in New Rochelle, NY seeks to reinvigorate a dilapidated, contaminated, and fragmented area, restore the continuity of Main Street, and reconnect the adjacent residential neighborhoods to the waterfront.

Additionally, the Master Plan includes affordable housing, retail, and a Veteran’s Memorial Park. Developed in collaboration with the design firm Archi-Tectonics, the project also includes architectural designs for a boutique hotel and three restaurants.

The local economy will receive a boost from the interventions found in the Master Plan. The esplanade, complete with overlooks and terraces, refocuses the public realm on the waterfront by weaving itself into the new and existing urban fabric with a series of boardwalks. With a heightened sensitivity to the restoration and sustainability of the Echo Bay Inlet, the Master Plan emphasizes a comprehensive application of the best sustainable water management practices to remediate the disturbed systems throughout the new residential park and along the banks of the water’s edge.