Material Matters is an exhibition presenting works of architecture and design by five firms that have generated innovative prototypes by combining material experimentation with advanced digital technologies. Each project—from the Saltygloo, a lightweight structure whose unique translucent blocks are 3D printed using locally harvested salt, to the sculpted fluid wood interior of the Grotto Sauna—exploits the capacity of technology to redefine the fabrication process according to complex formal and material logics while simultaneously exhibiting a deep commitment to craft and its evolution in design. These works dramatically transform both objects and spaces, while reshaping the very elements out of which architecture is made.

July 2015 to November 2015
Project Team:

The exhibition features work by:
Emerging Objects
Matter Design
Radical Craft & G!LL!S
Specific Objects

Exhibition Curation: Ila Berman + DATAlab: Mona El Khafif, Maya Przybylski
Architecture and Design Curator, Design at Riverside: Esther Shipman
Production Assistant: Yuchen Zhang

Exhibition Details:
Idea Exchange
Design at Riverside
7 Melville Street S, Cambridge, ON
September 28 – November 8, 2015
Opening Reception: Monday September 28 @ 6:30PM


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