MAG Corporate Headquarters

Cúre & Penabad

Architects: Cúre & Penabad
Location: Escuintla, Guatemala
Area: 6,317.40 m2
Year: 2015
Photography: Carlos Domenech

Can a building change the culture of a company; and can the design of the physical environment impact the way that we communicate? These are but a few of the questions that the project for the new corporate headquarters analyzed and attempted to address.

Currently, the company is housed in a series of detached structures situated on a large tract of agricultural land in southern Guatemala. This configuration reinforces a separation of departments and limits the individual employee’s ability to understand his or her role within the company.

To reverse this condition, the new building is designed with a large open room capable of accommodating all employees. Flexible desk arrangements create a collaborative working environment that minimizes the current hierarchy, with directors seated in open desks alongside employees.

The plan also provides for a variety of work spaces, including enclosed semi-private meeting rooms, exterior courtyards, open terraces, archives, and reading spaces that provide a variety of working environments (both interior and exterior) for productive individual and/or collaborative work. The overall form of the building is inspired by both vernacular and industrial building typologies seen throughout the Guatemalan countryside.