"Ma": In-between Objects

"Ma": In-between Objects

Posted on November 4, 2017 by content

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PLANE—SITE met with Japanese architect Arata Isozaki in his studio to have a conversation and explore the topics of time, space, and existence in architecture. Isozaki discusses his philosophy on architecture as it relates to space, as well as his intention to never fall into one specific style of design, but create different and unique styles for each distinct environment.

Curated and produced by PLANE—SITE, this video series features interviews with prominent architects reflecting on the topics of TIME SPACE EXISTENCE. These three concepts sketch out the contours of the world around us — a fact especially true within architecture. Taking these words as its starting point, the GAA Foundation is set to curate its fourth collateral exhibition in the context of La Biennale di Venezia Architettura, entitled Time-Space-Existence and opening in May 2018. Featuring over 100 established and emerging architects, and unapologetically international in breadth, the exhibition provides a fascinating complement to a biennial traditionally drawn along national lines.

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