From waste to architecture

On January 26 2017 Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen (DAC) is opening Lendager Group’s exhibition Wasteland – from waste to architecture.
The exhibition is taking its point of departure in current global and local challenges, including the fact that global population is currently growing by 5 school classes per minute, or 1 packed metro train every 2 minutes, or an entire village with 10,000 inhabitants per hour. In other words – three times a day the number of people – equivalent to a full Old Trafford Stadium – home of Manchester United Football Club with seating for 75,769 spectators – is added to the world population. It is estimated that the world population is increased by 83 million people only in 2016 – just slightly less than the population of Germany and Panama combined. Total world population will rise to 9.7 billion by 2050.

It is estimated that by 2030, five billion of the world population will live in cities and by 2050 2/3 of all people will be living in urban areas. This accelerates the demand for housing and put pressure on the cities. Obviously, it is a global challenge but at the same time it could be an opportunity. Right now, the built environment accounts for a large share of the global CO2 emissions and resource- and energy consumption. Specifically, the construction industry accounts for 40 percent of the global energy consumption and 1/3 of total global CO2 emissions.

It is obviously not sustainable, but as an industry we have two options: we either accept the facts and try to ignore the problem for as long as possible. Or else we choose to see the unique opportunity of the crucial role we can play in creating a sustainable world where urbanization, urban space and housing play an essential part in the solution rather than being part of the problem.
Lendager Group has chosen the latter and thus Wasteland will be displaying selected projects in which architectural concepts help solve some of the global challenges facing the world.

TYPE:  Exhibiton
LOCATION: Danish Architecture Center
KUNDE: Wasteland is curated by Lendager Group and developed in collaboration with Danish Architecture Center. The exhibiton is funded by Realdania, Dreyers Fond og Statens Kunstfond.
PARTNERS:  Danish Architecture Center, Realdania, Statens Kunstfond, Dreyers Fond, Asger Høeg Rådgivning
YEAR: 2017

Responsible partner: Anders Lendager
Project manager: Sasha Beckmann
Production manager: Kaare Karrebæk Thun
Employees: Signe B. Munk, Jo Anna Nedergaard, Charlotte Astaes, Margo Fredericks, Rok Zurbi, Malene Køster Lasthein


 With the exhibition Wasteland Lendager Group is showcasing the not so distant reality where residues and wastes are no longer seen as waste, but as the primary building materials in the development of our cities, homes and communities.

Wasteland poses the questions; what if the resources which we consider as discarded, could be included in the circuit and create beautiful products, houses and cities? What if waste was our largest potential resource?
Wasteland displays existing examples of such a world and points the way for future growth and synergy between design, production, consumption and resources. Building facades of old newspapers, floors of cork stoppers and houses ready for demolition being moved from abandoned regions to big cities are just some examples of the paradigm shift in the built environment. Aesthetics is in the center when new design principles are resulting in beautiful, modern, detail-rich buildings and cities.
The exhibition is based on materials we all know – namely, plastic, wood, concrete, brick, glass and metal. We follow them closely in the process from residue into valuable resources of high architectural and aesthetic quality. Our hope is that this exhibition contributes to a new understanding of waste as a valuable resource in the development of our common future.


Welcome to the Wasteland.
Wasteland was exhibited at the Danish Architecture Center from 26 January to 17 April 2017.