The Infrastructural City: Networked Ecologies in Los Angeles

This book features 11 essays by 14 authors, photographs by Lane Barden and maps by Leah Meisterlin.

Once the greatest American example of a modern city served by infrastructure, Los Angeles is now in perpetual crisis. Infrastructure has ceased to support its urban plans, subordinating architecture to its own purposes. This out-of-control but networked world is increasingly organized by flows of objects and information. Static structures avoid being superfluous by joining this system as temporary containers for people, objects, and capital. This provocative collection of photography, essays, and maps looks at infrastructure as a way of mapping our place in the city and affecting change through architecture.
A project by the Network Architecture Lab and the LA Forum for Architecture & Urban Design featuring: Lane Barden, Barry Lehrman, David Fletcher, Steve Rowell, Sean Dockray, Fiona Whitton, Frank Ruchala, Matt Coolidge, CLUI, Warren Techentin, Ted Kane, Rick Miller, Roger Sherman, Deborah Richmond, Robert Sumrell.

Kazys Varnelis is the former President of the LA Forum Board of Directors, and directs the Network Architecture Lab (Columbia University) and the AUDC collective. For more about the book on the Network Architecture Lab website, click here.