The first KONE UltraRope® in China to be installed in Beijing’s tallest building, China Zun

KONE Corporation, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, will provide China Zun, Beijing’s tallest building-to-be with the latest high-rise solutions available in the industry.

The mixed-use skyscraper is currently being assembled with the help of KONE JumpLift(TM) construction-time elevator, and once completed, the landmark building’s elevators will be hoisted using the revolutionary KONE UltraRope® high-rise rope technology.

Located in Beijing’s Central Business District, the 108-story China Zun will reach a height of 528 meters. The structure currently reaches a height of 337 meters and, once the construction of the underground area has been completed, the tower will rise at the speed one floor every three and a half days.

The super-light KONE UltraRope technology provides unrivalled elevator eco-efficiency, reliability and durability, while also improving elevator performance. It eliminates the disadvantages of existing steel ropes and enables elevator travel heights up to 1,000 meters.

The KONE JumpLift is a self-climbing elevator that uses the building’s hoist-ways while under construction, following the formwork as the building grows higher. The solution provides faster, safer, and more reliable elevator service during construction. JumpLift improves people and material flow efficiency by up to 20%, and can consequently shorten overall construction schedules which means a quicker return on investment.

“KONE JumpLift is currently the leading technology in the world that can solve the vertical transportation capacity problems on a super high-rise construction site,” says Mr. Wang Wuren, Deputy Chairman and General Manager of CITIC Heye Investment Co., Ltd. “At construction peak time, we employ over 4,000 workers on the site. Construction-time elevators shorten the waiting time from more than one hour to about ten minutes per person, per day. With this advanced equipment, that means a saving of more than a million working hours during the project.”

“We are proud to partner with CITIC on a landmark building of this magnitude,” says William B. Johnson, KONE Executive Vice President for Greater China. “KONE’s UltraRope has captured the industry’s attention globally by enabling greater height and greater energy and material efficiencies, and we’re excited to introduce this solution to a Chinese customer for the first time.”

China Zun will be equipped with 142 KONE elevators and escalators when completed in 2018. The structure will house office and commercial space and an observation deck, and it is designed by a group of world-renowned agencies: Kohn Pedersen Fox, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, CITIC Architectural Design, Arup and Parsons Brinckerhoff.