SYM: MED.NET3/Resilience

In the framework of the ADD (Dottorato in Architettura e Design) and the Forum Med.Net activities, the first edition of the KAAU Symposium Resili(g)ence, chaired by Manuel Gausa, with Carmen Andriani and RaffaelaFagnoni, and coordinated by Nicola Canessa, Beatrice Moretti, AlessiaRoncoMilanaccio e GiorgiaTucci has contributed to create a plural and important event in the architectural debate. Fifteen outstanding keynote panel speakers, thirty call-speakers and international participants and more than 300 visitors (students, experts and professionals) animated the two-day sharing gathering, held in theGenova School of Architectura on the 26th and 27th of October 2016 and followed online by increasing spectators.