Netherlands Embassy featured at BIA-AR 2016

The Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura – Argentina 2016 will take place in Cordoba (Argentina) from October 11th to 14th. The event will host 5 international speakers and it will feature 36 international works including the Netherlands Embassy in Mozambique.


“Processes” focuses on types of architecture that address the concept of processes, either because they affect their surroundings in some vital way, or because of the singularity of the design and construction process itself.

Netherlands Embassy Mozambique


The Netherlands Embassy in Mozambique is located in Maputo. The building has been situated on the edges of a rectangular site and looks at an open garden surrounded by light columns and filled with flamboyant trees generating a natural roof. The embassy faces South, allowing light but not heat, as climatological considerations played a large part in the design.
The building and enclosing walls are conceived as a rough concrete monolith from which a part has been removed to create an opening and space for the garden. The embassy lies on the other side of the filigree steel frame of a veranda, a motif derived from the Portuguese colonial architecture.
The building consists of a rectangular volume with offices on the garden side, facilities in a central zone, and a two-storey circulation zone along the south wall. The rough concrete of the exterior recurs in the floor and roof, and a wooden box lies as an independent element.