Julia Powell Sports Hall

Rojo / Fernández-Shaw

Architects: Rojo / Fernándes-Shaw
Location: Madrid, Spain
Area: 5,737 m2
Year: 2021

Julia Powell Sports Hall is an open and versatile space meant to host the sports and physical education activities, but also to serve as an exam room or for academic ceremonies.

It took as its starting point the use of an existing foundation (the excavation of the basement of a previously demolished building outlined by a retaining wall that forms a square measuring 30 meters on each side). Therefore, the main floor of the Julia Powell Sports Hall is located one level below ground, leaving only a portion of the total built volume visible from the outside.

It consists of a 7-meter-high sports court, a lobby, and a core of changing rooms, surrounded by a translucent polycarbonate and perforated galvanized sheet envelope that ensures natural lighting, as well as efficient and sustainable climate control.

Like the rest of the campus, the building is based on the industrialization and dry assembly of structural systems and metal envelopes to ensure sustainability and to meet the deadlines marked by the school’s activity. The structure is a lattice of metal bars, forming a continuous but fractured surface for greater rigidity as well as better internal acoustic performance.

The galvanized sheet metal envelope forms a ventilated and resistant skin that protects the building from external climatic factors while allowing indirect light into the interior, increasing its brightness and dematerialization.