Jon Tugores by Carles Llop

Jon Tugores is a flyer. He flies at high altitudes, diving, and low to the ground.

High altitudes: from a vantage point built on a passion for looking, observing the smallest detail of the structure of materials and the resilience of a way of practicing architecture.

Diving: entering the territories of proximity to the places and the things that spark his curiosity – it unfolds in his flights, which are calculated and stringently monitored based on technical expertise.

Low to the ground: because he experiences the materiality of the earth from the air and the phenomena of daily life, intent on opening up new surroundings for his professional practice and his life. Beyond multidimensional, he is intent on making a creative act of doing, without any prior frame of reference.

And on the subject of architecture, we should say that it is implicit in the way he flies – acts – or how he meets people in his studio. Like in the cockpit of a plane, he takes us on a flyover above the basecamp of global interactions among different fields, always linked to architecture – film, exhibitions, books, etc. What’s more, he does it through enthusiastic and ironic conversation on daily life, art, technical knowledge, or cosmic drift.

So when we look at his website, we should expect it to be like a series of flight plans for various different flights taken continuously. He is the flight team; we are the active observers, piloting the experience.

Opening up the website, I suggest it should show us a flight simulator: high altitudes, diving, low to the ground. A simulator that displays the projects as work seen from the sky, or materials for industrial design, or byproducts of the aerospace industry. I suggest that he combine technical reasoning with cinematography; drawing with structural engineering; construction details with literary narrative; acoustics with geometry; Balearic muti-views with the 1001 Nights of his demiurgic flights. In short, that he take us into the cockpit of unformed material and chaos, from ideas toward perfection or impure imagination. To put it plainly: to the creation of space, which is but a world to imagine ourselves in.

Don’t look for a builder, but for the path of an unrelenting flyer; a universal craftsman.