Joburg Lasts: Imprint of the Voices on the Land


What is the breadth of the truths that your mind can hold? Is there space in there for the imprint of voices on the land? Is there even more space in there for the untold Joburg’s presence in your Joburg of today?


This interactive web-based platform allows visitors a look into the deep histories of influences and elements of life at, and of Kwa-Mai Mai, a traditional healers’ market in Jeppestown, Johannesburg.

The online experience lets the visitor delve, for example, into the lived experience that is the daily work of a traditional healer on the outskirts of a mining district where bone and shell are read for meaning across a soil made toxic by mining chemicals. The project is rooted in the core approaches of Counterspace’s research practice: feeling stories, layering histories, reverence for multiple belief systems and vigilance around the subjectivities of “truth” and “the archive”.

Geography: Kwa-Mai Mai Market, Johannesburg, South Africa
Collaborators: Sarah de Villiers