iGuzzini acts as Gold Sponsor at EILD 2016 – Ouro Preto, Brazil

The Encontro Ibero-americano de Lighting Design (EILD) is a non-profit initiative led by group of independent professionals.
It is a space of reflexion and exchange of ideas among the Ibero-american lighting designers community influencial throughout the world.

The event proposes a new way to transmit the values of lighting design, emphasizing the communication and collaboration among all the disciplines related to the profession.

The EILD journey started in 2010 in Valparaiso (Chile), going to Queretero (Mexico) in 2012 and Medellin (Colombia) in 2014, with the support and participation of important lighting manufacturers and national and international associations and institutions.

This year’s edition was held at the end of September in the Brazilian city of Ouro Preto – cradle of baroque art and the first Brazilian city to be declared world heritage by UNESCO, in 1980.

Renowned professionals from Ibero-american countries and from around the world participated to activities related to the creative side of the lighting design process.

iGuzzini attended EILD 2016 as a Gold Sponsor, our presence at the event being greatly facilitated and widely promoted by our media partner in Latin America, ILUMINET. We were located in the Interaction Space of the UFOP Centre for Arts and Conventions (EILD’s venue) and enjoyed welcoming a high number of visitors. In line with one of the EILD themes, i.e. the identity of the brand, we decided to showcase Trick as the luminaire that best encompasses the identity of the iGuzzini brand. The dynamics of the event created the perfect setting for group activities, inviting visitors to take part in a game of discoveries and of individual and collective constructions in the city, having light and its experimentation as a basis.