Hanging Footbridge over the Ripoll River

Hanging Footbridge over the Ripoll River

Posted on August 14, 2023 by martabuges

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The Molí Vermell wetlands and the town centre on the right bank of the Ripoll river now stand united with the Barberà Castle and the town's green ring on the left bank, courtesy of a hanging metal footbridge. The bridge spans 84 meters, offering a generous width of 2 meters for pedestrians and cyclists to traverse. Suspended up to 5 meters above the flowing river, a pine wood board provides a stable and scenic pathway for users.

The footbridge owes its structural integrity to two sturdy pillars, towering at a height of 9 meters on each end. These pillars anchor the bridge, while two primary steel cables, known as catenaries, ensure its stability and durability. The footbridge incorporates additional crosswise cables beneath the deck, enhancing its resilience against extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and storms, while minimizing vibrations.

To harmonize the footbridge with its natural surroundings, careful attention was given to the choice of materials and integration with the environment. Concrete ramps, wooden stairs, and sandy paths serve as access points, seamlessly blending with the surrounding vegetation and topography. Lush trees and shrubs adorn the entrances and line the river path, while a purpose-built green gutter effectively channels rainwater, mitigates erosion, and fosters the growth and adaptation of planted species.

The construction of this hanging footbridge over the Ripoll River symbolizes a significant endeavor to revitalize and regenerate the once-neglected area of Barberà del Vallès. By connecting disparate parts of the municipality, this pedestrian and bicycle pathway facilitates greater accessibility and promotes the seamless coexistence of nature and urban life.

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