Golinelli Art & Science Centre: Public Space for Arts and Sciences

Mario Cucinella Architects

Architects: Mario Cucinella Architects
Location: Bologna, Italy
Area: 700 m2
Year: 2017
Photography: Rodolfo Giuliani / OKNO Studio

The new Arts and Sciences Center of the Golinelli Foundation aims at providing Bologna with a public space where arts and sciences – the pillars of Marino Golinelli’s philanthropic efforts – become the main theme of exhibitions, interactive tours, and other initiatives open to the public.

The arts and sciences are part of every person’s cultural development and have led to the creation of the most valuable works for the community, which expresses itself in public spaces creating a symbiotic relationship. Like the arts and sciences, the Golinelli Foundation has always based its evolution on continuous research and experimentation.

That is why it has decided to build a new space for its activities and initiatives open to everyone. The design reflects this evolution: an uninterrupted process to create a whole that dematerializes in space to reveal the elements that compose it.

The building consists of two essential elements. The first element is the pavilion – the core of the building, a closed volume that will house the main activities. Its pure, semi-transparent shape will reflect the surroundings during the day and will light up during the night. The other distinctive element is the “cloud”, the metal structure that encompasses the pavilion, which visitors can explore.

The exhibition space is a 700 m2 open plan parallelepiped measuring 8 meters in height. This large space with treated concrete floors has no partitions or fixed layouts. It is an extremely versatile and flexible contemporary space that offers the perfect setting for the Foundation’s many initiatives – exhibitions, conferences, concerts, and film showings – and can adapt to change over time.