Giboire Offices: Restructuring a Corner Building

Giboire Offices: Restructuring a Corner Building

Posted on May 11, 2021 by martabuges

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This project involves the heavy restructuring of a corner building located at the intersection of rue Thiers and rue Carnot, in the heart of the historic center of the city of Vannes.

The existing building, ground floor + 2 plus attic, was a bank that we transformed into offices for Groupe Giboire. The aim is to set up a new commercial and real estate development agency. The location of the project is remarkable: close to the port, it is backed by the city walls dating from the 4th century.

The original structure of the building has been preserved, except for the attic which has been given a new style. The first floor “catches up” with an alignment on the street. Large openings are created to provide views of the ramparts located in the court. The façade is clad with stainless steel cladding that is also found on the attic.

Given the original configuration at an angle (providing a real response to the articulation of the two streets), and the complexity of the structure of the existing façade, the design focused on the sobriety and finesse of the materiality. For this reason, the mineral façade was highlighted by a second curved glass skin located on the two intermediate levels.

The combination of glass and stainless steel envelops the building and delicately slides it into the historic heart of the city. The redesigned façade plays with the reflections of the city as well as those of the sky, which vary according to the time of day.