Eysturkommuna Town Hall: Inspired by Nature

Eysturkommuna Town Hall: Inspired by Nature

Posted on March 21, 2019 by martabuges

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Inspired by nature and local building traditions, the Town Hall in Eysturkommuna makes a subtle appearance at first glance. Nevertheless, the impact of the building is anything but minimal. 

Bridges that not only serve to connect destinations but become places in their own right – places where people meet and settle – have their own important space in history. Florence, Prague and Venice all have inhabited bridges that define the cities. In the darkness of the Faroese winter, a truly special building not only bridges the river in the village of Norðragøta but unites two municipalities, which merge into one community in the municipality of Eystur.

It almost takes an effort to make out the Town Hall. Not because the building is not spectacular, but because it understands and respects the distinctive Nordic nature that surrounds it. Discreetly cut into the lush landscape, seemingly floating between the river and the green grass blanket on the roof, the Town Hall creates the framework for the work of the City Council and the administrative staff. In the Faroe Islands, nature creates the framework for people’s lives and professions, and nature is always physically just around the corner.