Mota – Pass marker

BALIZA MOTA, a grey cast stone product with an inverted L-shaped section, is anchored to the pavement with bolts embedded in a concrete footing. Its name comes from the sixth definition of the word “mota” in the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language dictionary. “Low prominence, either natural or artificial, that emerges alone on a plain”. The first location chosen for this product explains the use of the word.

Captura-de-pantalla-2016-05-12-a-les-17.07 (1)


BALIZA, designed by architects Iñaki Alday and Margarita Jover in conjunction with ARTEC3 lighting designer Maurici Ginés, was first produced in a series of 880 cast stone units with recessed lighting, manufactured by INDALUX to illuminate and underscore the paths along the Expo Zaragoza 2008 Riverside Park. Escofet worked on this design project in 2007.