Levante beach access ramps

In an exercise of environmental responsibility, recyclable, heavy-duty materials have been chosen instead of timber. Marine environment-resistant aluminium and UHPC concrete are the components of this modular system designed for industrialised assembly with stainless steel fittings.

p85_ficha_proyecto_01Beaches, our main tourist asset, need to be comfortable and highly accessible. These new access ramps, specially designed for this purpose, will replace two decade old timber boardwalks, deteriorated due to heavy use and demanding environmental conditions, on angles that are now unacceptable.

The wood-like texture optimises the kinesthetic conditions of the walking surface. This new relief is an evolution of the warm, noble qualities of timber, striving to maintain its advantages and overcome its weak points.
The design is robust yet light and aeronautical, bringing to mind the role of airport fingers for efficient/modern passenger/tourist embarkation/disembarkation.