Design District Canteen: A Welcoming Market for Locals and Visitors


Architects: selgascano
Location: London, UK
Area: 660 m2
Year: 2021
Photography: Iwan Baan

The market welcomes locals and visitors thanks to its privileged location at the main pedestrian access to the Greenwich Peninsula. The market celebrates this visibility by being as transparent as possible.

A very light metal structure and a stressed clear ETFE membrane cover a central spine where the market stalls are located, with a seating area on top. This spine is the market itself.

The stalls are accessed from both sides of the spine at ground level, while a seating area is provided just above and under the tree canopies. The whole spine is built with translucent backlit materials acting as a lamp to light up the market and the ETFE membrane, making the whole market shine at night and serving as a focal point in the neighborhood.

The market has its main access doors at both ends but it is also accessible at the sides. The operable panels at ground level are built with polycarbonate to avoid any possible vandalism. The ETFE membrane is subdivided into different panels, some of which are operable for ventilation reasons and to provide the wonderful feeling of being in an open street market.

Project team: Víctor Jiménez, Paolo Tringali, Juan José Muñoz, Catalina Vázquez, Sara Ouass, Inés Olavarrieta.