Day Care Center in Vendrell

bxd arquitectura

Architects: bxd arquitectura
Location: El Vendrell, Spain
Year: 2021
Photography: Aleix Bagué

The project is located in an area of new construction in the municipality of El Vendrell, Tarragona. It sits on a plot measuring 32 x 29 meters, which is totally flat and with easy access from the street. With an almost square shape, the day care center is intended for children between 0 and 3 years of age. The project was designed taking into account that children at this age are learning to walk and that all the classrooms should have access to the outside garden.

The configuration of the building is based on a central circulation atrium, with the classrooms and other uses around it, in such a way that they are served by the four façades and the perimeter courtyards. These courtyards are partially covered by green pergolas stretching from the different façades to the perimeter enclosure.

The entire center is just one story, fully occupying the plot. The distance to the thresholds established by the regulations is used to situate the playgrounds as an extension of each of the classrooms.

Warm, environmentally friendly, recyclable and inert materials were used, making the most of daylight and natural resources that support play and activities, providing maximum wellbeing for the children.

The centrifugal organization around the atrium, with light coming in from above, and a wooden porticoed structure define the construction of all the spaces in a clear, honest and didactic way.