ZJA (Zwarts & Jansma Architects)

ZJA is an internationally oriented office founded in 1990 and specialized in infrastructure, public transport, sport and leisure.

We are an optimistic team that translates often complex assignments into unexpected solutions. We do this in a distinct manner, based on our many years of experience with large-scale building projects. We value our reputation as designers of stadiums, bridges, stations and motorways.

ZJA draws on state-of-the-art technical expertise thanks to amongst others its independent research & development department. In addition, our office boasts an inspiring, multinational and international network of complementary expertise, ranging from structural engineers, urban designers and acoustic engineers to interior architects, sustainability experts and software developers.

Wherever we go, we look. At people, at cyclists, at queues, at building materials, at rituals, at supporters, at how people move in a park, at history, at menus, at a dune, at advertising. Everything we see finds its way back into our work.