Schønherr is among the largest and most experienced landscape architect firms in Denmark, with a number of prize winning projects in our portfolio. We specialize in urban planning and transformation, landscape design, infrastructure, climate adaptation and spatial consulting.

Schønherr was founded in 1984 and the company offers a full range of services within the fields mentioned, and currently employs 55 dedicated architects and urban planners in our offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

At Schønherr we want our work to be valid as an artistic statement and relevant for the greater good at the same time. Our approach is rooted in a pragmatic view of the world – we want the places and spaces we create to be beautiful while also enhancing human interaction and cooperation.

We want to affect our physical environment in a positive manner according to the tools and skills we possess. It is our firm belief that the aesthetic quality – the Beauty – of our shared physical space – squares, streets, roads, fields, coasts etc, etc – has a direct connection to each individual’s perceived sense of being part of society.

Beauty has the ability to communicate an understanding of both an ‘I’ and an all-encompassing inter-human ‘WE’. In that respect Beauty supports a feeling of confidence in our shared social order and in the ability and will to participate in the creation of an even better world for future generations.

Among notable Schønherr projects other than the Kokkedal Climate Adaptation project we can point to Saint Anna’s Square in Copenhagen, The Femern Belt connection between Denmark and Germany, Ribe Kathedral Square, Bispetorvet in Aarhus, Henne Strand, The Visitors’ Center, Filsoe, the town centers Skjern, Herning, Silkeborg, Kerteminde and a number of other towns in Denmark.