Sanjeev Vidyarthi

Studying, working and living in a variety of settings have shaped Sanjeev’s commitment to the field of spatial planning. He grew up in a Nehruvian-era industrial township near the city of Udaipur in rural India. He experienced the ‘megacity’ firsthand while attending the Sir J.J. School of Architecture at Bombay. Sanjeev next joined his college friends at Jaipur, a princely city planned in the 18th century, and together they went on to establish the leading architectural practice of the Rajasthan state. Employing well over 40 people in the mid 1990s, their studio designed a range of projects in diverse contexts including Madras, Delhi and Muscat. His practice also helped organize the state’s first architecture school where he served as the founding chair. Shortly afterwards, Sanjeev became curious about the meaning and purpose of his own work and headed to the graduate school. He studied at the college towns of Leuven, Belgium and Ann Arbor, Michigan while earning multiple degrees in city planning and design. He came to the UIC in 2008. He now lives at walking distance from Frank Llyod Wright’s home and studio in Oak Park and a short drive away from Fredrick Law Olmsted’s planned community of Riverside. Sanjeev studies how to make better plans for places.