Rudanko Kankkunen Architects

International architectural practice based in Helsinki, Finland. The company is founded in 2010 by two partners, Hilla Rudanko and Anssi Kankkunen, with a strong international experience from Herzog & de Meuron Architects in Basel, ETH in Zürich and Columbia University in NYC. The studio has been successful in architectural competitions internationally, and they work with clients from all over the world. As they come from Finland, which is known for it’s educational system, our studio’s special focus is to design learning environments. They understand learning environments to be innovative spaces where people and information meet. They can be schools or campuses, but also working spaces and public buildings.

Their method of design is participatory: they listen to their clients and work together. They have also developed participatory design methods as part of the Finnish Uusi Kaupunki Design collective ( They always strive to make their architecture sustainable and in harmony with the surrounding environment. They also believe in multi-disciplinary collaboration: best architecture happens in multitalented teams. This is why they have built a strong international collaboration network. They work on different scales of architecture from small homes to large urban design tasks. Their main goal is to create a holistic vision for every client, be it a small or a large design task.