Rafael Pampillón

With more than a hundred articles published in specialized scientific journals, Professor Pampillón combines his intensive research activity with that of knowledge dissemination. Voted best professor at IE in 2001 and 2008, throughout his twenty five years in the world of education he has dedicated his efforts to country analysis and economic environment. His deep knowledge of these fields in Latin America and Asia has resulted in his being appointed a member of the board of a consultation committee set up by the Spanish government for the privatization of public companies (he represented Spain at the Ibero American Privatization Summit in 1997) and, for four years, he formed part of the board of the Spanish government’s Committee for International Cooperation for Development, in his capacity as an expert.
In his own words, “Now I am focusing on the economic driving force that takes technology to countries”. In 1991 Professor Pampillón first dealt with this subject in his book El deficit tecnológico español, published by Instituto de Estudios Económicos. “I am currently centring my efforts on investment in R&D+i by governments and business organizations” says Professor Pampillón, who has also tackled the macroeconomic aspects of the Euro.
A Doctor in Economics and Management, awarded by Universidad de Barcelona, and holder of an MBA from IESE, Rafael Pampillón has been Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Universidad de Extremadura and Professor of Economic Policy at Universidad de Barcelona. He currently gives classes at Universidad San Pablo CEU and is visiting professor at Escuela Diplomática (School of Diplomacy).