Oskar Zięta

Oskar Zięta is an architect, designer, artist and innovator born in 1975. After earning a degree in architecture at the Szczecin University of Technology in 2000, he was awarded a scholarship at ETH Zurich. Over the course of two years of postgraduate studies, he developed skills in parametric design and modern manufacturing technologies, which finalized with a PhD graduation. He currently runs the department of industrial design at Poznan School of Form. He is the winner of many prestigious awards in design and technology and the inventor of FiDU, an inner pressure metal forming technology: the key to Zieta Collection, Zieta Out of Ordinary and large-scale sculptures like NAWA on Daliowa Island in Wrocław.

He is a CEO of Zieta Prozessdesign, established in 2010 in Wrocław. The company is an interdisciplinary team of architects, designers, engineers and technologists as well as production line and industrial implementation workers. Specialists in many fields are permanent collaborators with Zieta Prozessdesign: psychologists, biologists, scientists and many others. The company develops its own innovative technologies for stabilizing sheet metal, FiDU and 3+ for example, and their applications in modern architecture, engineering and design. Zieta Prozessdesign runs collections under the brands Zieta, Zieta Out of Ordinary, and the modular collections Pakiet and 3+.