Monash University Urban Laboratory

Monash Urban Laboratory engages in integrated, interdisciplinary and transformational research on urban architecture, urban design and urban planning. The spatial scope and scale of the research moves from the urban and suburban, to the regional and the global, with an orientation towards practical and practice-based research.

The Urban Laboratory includes and expands the work of the former Monash Architecture Studio, augmenting it with additional urban research from the Department of Architecture at Monash. It brings together a large collective of academic staff and PhD candidates working on issues related to architecture and the urban realm – in Melbourne and beyond.

The Urban Laboratory comprises seven interrelated research groups: Compact City, Inclusive City, Ecological City, Informal City, Productive City, Urban Planning, and Regional Rural Remote. Each group has its own academic leadership and thematically related projects. There is an over-arching steering committee for the Laboratory as a whole.