Magnus Larsson

London-based Swedish architect Magnus Larsson started out in journalism and advertising. As a writer, he has been published in magazines including Frame, Another Magazine, Bon International, Port Magazine, and The Wire. As a copywriter, he’s contributed texts for brands such as Apple, Absolut Vodka, Sony Ericsson, Electrolux, and Virgin.

Following a BA (hons) in Oxford, he moved on to the Architectural Association, where he designed with surface equations in Diploma Unit 5 under the tutelage of George Legendre. In Diploma Unit 16 he proposed Dune, the 6,000km long habitable anti-desertification wall made of biologically solidified bacterial sandstone that won international acclaim but was slated by the end-of-year AA jury. He then presented a novel take on iconicity in Diploma Unit 9 through the implementation of a 180m tall, loadbearing brick skyscraper hotel in Manhattan, based on the combination of the corner as spatial generator and the trademark heterogenous materiality inherent within many of his designs.