Lorena Bello

Lorena Bello teaches students fundamentals of the design of the built environment ranging from the scale of the object and buildings to that of the city and larger territories. She is also a doctoral candidate in Urbanism at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). Lorena’s research focuses on large scale territorial implications of infrastructure and urbanization as catalysts for design. Her dissertation on this topic began under the guidance of the late Manuel de Sola-Morales and is concluding under Joan Busquets of the Harvard GSD. She is also the founder of TERRALAB, in association with MIT’s Center for Advanced Urbanism, to continue this research with projects in the USA and Europe.

Prior to 2008, Lorena worked in Barcelona as project director at Aldayjover Architecture and Landscape where she led projects at different scales including those within the Water Park 2008 international exhibit in Zaragoza. She was also research assistant at the Joan Miró Foundation and the Building Tech Institute of Catalonia (ITEC). Lorena holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) where she graduated with honors, and a Masters of Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD) from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.