Lacol is a cooperative of architects who work in the neighborhood of Sants, in Barcelona. Working from architecture toward social transformation, using architecture as a tool to intervene critically in the environments that are closest to us. Their activity is rooted in a horizontal system of labor, acting alongside society with justice and solidarity in mind.
They believe that the way to transform the city is through the active participation and purposeful action of the people who live in it. They work on topics related to the quality of life of all people who share the city. The architect’s contribution is made within urban movements, as one more piece within this mechanism: helping to translate city-dwellers’ concerns and putting them to paper; providing criteria for defining objectives and strategies, as well as tools for defining and communicating ideas through graphic design…
Among other things, LaCol encourage debate and discussion regarding the uses and management of urban spaces, models for the city, participation, and the reclamation of heritage.