Fionn Byrne

Prior to joining the faculty at the GSD Fionn Byrne was a full-time instructor at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. He holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto, where he also completed his Bachelor of Physical Education and Health. His research and design interests depart from the convergence of technolo­gy and ecology; he is most intrigued by how velocity and information interact with biological systems.

Mr. Byrne has held the title of Associate at Lateral Office and has worked with the Planning Group at HOK.  Byrne is the founder of the Office of Pedonic Operations.  Currently the Office is pursuing research on the Oil Sands and the Ring of Fire in part with funding from the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation.  His most recent writing is found published in Bracket 2: Goes Soft and explores the increasingly overt interplay between military operations and the environmental crisis.

As the 2015-2016 Daniel Urban Kiley Fellow, Byrne will be continuing his research on the moral underpinnings of contemporary landscape architecture.  By establishing the rise of the environmental movement as an antithesis to military development Byrne seeks to question the ability to deploy ecology as a moral just science able to circumvent politics.