Enise B. Karaçizmeli

Enise B. Karaçizmeli completed his undergraduate degree in landscape architecture at ITU and his graduate degree from ETH Zurich in the Advanced Technologies program in Landscape Architecture. He studied in Tokyo in 2002-2003, and in Vienna in 2006-2007. During his education he worked as an editor in architecture magazines and as an assistant in ETH Zurich during his master’s degree. Since 2005 he has been involved in projects on different scales ranging from garden design to masterplan. Among the competitions she has won are the 1st Prize in the Ödemiş City Center Urban Design Competition; Cesme Central Coast Regulation 3rd prize; Kurbağalıdere Valley Idea Project Competition 1. (equivalent) award; Çerkeş LSV Natural Life Center Honorable Mention Award; There is a 1st (equivalent) prize for the New Ideas Competition in the Eskişehir Atatürk Stadium area to be relocated. The National Achievement Award was awarded by the Chamber of Landscape Architects of TMMOB for the achievement of the competition in 2013. Since its founding in Praxis in 2013, it continues to work at different scales in landscape architecture and urban design.