Simone Gheduzzi, Nicola Rimondi e Gabriele Sorichetti associated architects. They established diverserighestudio in Bologna in 2003. In 2011 they founded the lasantabarbara think thank with a group of other professionals. Since 2011 they have been adjunct professors at the University of Ferrara, School of Architecture.

The aim of their multidisciplinary research is to give shape to the relationship between different areas of knowledge creating a continuous dialog between theory and architectural practice. They think about composition as a dynamic relationship between theme and functional program, a relational aestethic that allows for revealing hidden tools useful to an urban philosophy relevant to the project.

Based on a strict methology, they experiment obsessively with the relationship of shape connected to the composition’s metaphor. They imagine their work to be part of an endless circle of actions that is displayed, first, in a multi-project and then with an architectural vision. They approach the detailed design in a scientific way; through research and development, they work for an ideal quality that can put together the environment with a positive vision of the reality.

Their works have been presented at the London Festival of Architecture 2008, at the Shanghai Universal Expo, at the 12th and at the 15th International Venice Architecture Biennale. They have given several lectures both in Italy and Europe. Their work and projects have been published in various books, architectural reviews and exhibition catalogues.

Some of their most important awards include the Sustainable Architecture International Prize 2007 (first place), Arches prize 2008 (honorable mention), NIB prize 2012 for young architects under 40 (first place), the Tiles of Italy prize 2014 (first place), and the Urbanistica Prize 2015 (first prize). In 2016, they received the Special Mention for the A+ Award and the Plan Award.