Bechir Kenzari

Bechir Kenzari is Associate Professor of Architecture at the United Arab Emirates University. He holds a doctorate in Architecture from Georgia Tech and has lectured in the areas of philosophy, design, computing, and digital fabrication. He taught at Georgia Tech, the University of Auckland (New Zealand), and the UAE University. He received the ACSA award for the best Journal of Architectural Education (JAE) article of the year 2003 and guest-edited the Built Environment issue, Architecture and the Influence of Other Disciplines. His writings appeared in several international journals such as JAE, Architectural Theory Review, The Built Environment, and the International Journal of Architectural Computing. His interest in the issue of violence and architecture manifested itself in the essays on Antonio Tapiès, nomadic dwelling, and violence in French banlieues. He published several short stories in the Auckland-based Pander and has produced a series of oil paintings. He is currently writing a novel.